2011. március 25., péntek

Angol 71. oldal levél

You are editor of the school magazine. Here is a letter which you have recently received from one of the readers.

I am a 16 years old girl and I'm in trouble. The time has come to think about what I'll do after school and I've decided to be an actress.
Of course, my mother nearly fainted when I told her about this. My parents are both doctors and they want me to be a doctor too.
But I just can't imagine myself spending my life among sick people. What's more, I've never been good at Physics an d Biology either. My mother keeps telling me that acting is not a serious profession and that I won't be able to make a living out of it. I really love my parents but I can't understand them why won't they let me decide about my own future?
What can I do?


Write a letter of about 120-150 words to Whoopy.
Respond to her giving your opinion on the following points
  • thinking about decision- really serious?
  • features/character really talented?
  • making a living as an actress / a doctor - which is safer?
  • ways of convincing parents to accept decision