2010. december 1., szerda


How are you today?
Have you waiting long?
Did you habe any breakfast?
Have you been studying had for your exams?
Are you going anywhere after is exam?


Család és személyes vonatkozások
What kind of person are you? Why?
How would you discribe yourself?
What do you like doing?
How big is you family?
Who is your favorite person in your family, why?
What are you duties at home?

Tell me about your school?
What is the speciality of this school?
How old were you when you starting going to school?How many years did you spend there?
What are your favorite subjects and lessons?
What subject are you good at?

Tudomány, technika
How offen to you use a computer
Do you surf the internet? Which search engine do your use?
Do you play computer games? Which ones?
When did you start using a computer?
How do you communicate with your friends?
What do you do online?


Londonba kell utazni, el kell dönteni, hogy busszal vagy repülővel. Érveket kell felhozni, egyik, illetve másik mellett, vagy tapasztalat alapján mesélni, hogy melyik a jobb.

Sportokról kell beszélni.