2010. december 1., szerda



How large is your family?
What are your parents like?
Have you got a brother or a sister?
Do you get on well with each other?
Who is the hardest working person in your family?
Which member of your family understands you the best?Egészség, betegség
Tell me about the last time you were ill?
Did you visit the GP?
What was his/ her advice?
Do you alwasy see a doctor when you are ill?
Have you ever been to hospital? Why?
What illnesses have you had so far?
What are the most common illnesses in Hungary?
Do you live healthily?
What do you do to keep fit?
You'd like to replace the old computer at home with a new one. In order to get it you have to cowincw your family. However, they would prefer a new DVD player and a new TV set. Discuss the problem with your favorite family member.
Pihenés télen, nyáron. Nyáron strand, télen bobozás.