2010. december 1., szerda



Tell me about your favorite holiday?
When ans where were you born?
What were the most important stages in your life?
How do you celebrate brithdays in your family?
Do you like getting money for your brithday or do you prefer asurprise?
Do you like buying brithday present?
Do you celebrate your friends as well?

Tell me about your daily rutine: what you do on a weekday from mornong till evening?
What time do you get up? Do you do any morning exercises? Why? Why not?
How do you decide what towear?
What is your timetable like?
How many breaks do you have?
What do you do in the afternoons?
Do you spend your evenings with your family?
What time do you go to bed?

Jövőre vonatkozó tervek

Tell me about your plans for the future?
How will you continue after this school?
What are your plans for the future?What jobs do you like the best?
What is important about a job?
Which are the most fashionable jobs today in Hungary?
Would you like the same jobs your parents do?


Your foreign friends are visiting Hungary soon. You stayed with them last summer for two weeks, now it is your turn to organize progtammes for them. Discuss your ideas with one of your guests (the examiner) and tell her what you would like to do and show them auring their stay.


Nagyvárosi és vidéki élet.

Segítő kérdések: What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the country?
What animals and plants can you find in a typical Hungaryan village?
How often do you travel to the country?
What can people live on in the county?
Can you melation some famous places in Hungary for tourists?