2010. december 1., szerda


Étkezési szokások

Tell me about the eating habits of your family?
How many meals do you have a day? What are they?
Which meals do you have together?
Who in the family is a vegetarian or preferspicy Hungarian food?
Would you like to taste any new or different healthy foods? How could you try that?
Where do you get the ideas foom (cookbook)?

Nyaralás M.o.-n



Tell me about your favorite kind of weather?
Do you read the weather forecast in papers or do you listen to it on the radio or watch it on TV?
Do you dress according to the weather?
How does weather influence your programme for the day?
How do you protect yourself against the rain?
Do seasons or weather influence your eating habits? How? Why?


You have decided to organize a party for your classmates and a few visiting students from England. You are planing the party with your best friend. Tell your friend where and when you think the party schoald be. You also want her advice. Discuss the menu as well.


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