2010. december 1., szerda



Do you like to buy your own clothes or do your parents buy them for you?
Where do you prefer shopping in boutiques or in department stores?
What do you and your friends like wearing at school?
Do you like fashionable clothes?
Does wearing fashionable clothes make you more confident?
What clothes have you bought recently?
Describe your favorite outfit?

Tell me about your school?
What is the speciality of this school?
How old were you when you starting going to school?
How many years did you spend there?
What are your favorite subjects and lessons?
What subject are you good at?


Can you tell me why people do sports?
What sports you do? Do you prefer watching?
Do you have the equiqment to do sports?
What winter and summer sports do you know?
Have you ever tried any dangerous sports such as bungee jumping or rafting?
What sport would you recommend me and why?


Családi vakáción vagy, egy speciális ajándékkal akarod meglepni a családod, válassz a következők közül:

– a dinner at an excellent restaurant
– jumping
– a one-day trip on a glass bottomed boat
– skiing