2010. december 1., szerda



Technika a háztartásban
Tell me about appliances you have at home?
What do you use them for?
How have new house hold appliances changed our life?

Nyaralás Magyarországon
Tell me how would you organize a holiday in Hungary?
Where would you go in Hungary?
How would you like to spend your holiday: alone, with parents or with friends?
If you go with friends where would you stay?
What do you pack for a short trip?
And for a longer one?

Élet a városban és vidéken

Tell me about the city you live in?
What makes city life convenient?
What makes country life inconvenient?
What kind of do cities and village offer to children?
What different kinds of public transport exist in a city and in the countryside?
What disadvantages of city life or life on a farm could you mention?


One of you friends is leaving Hungers next month to study abroad. You and your friends have decided to buy him/ her a present. Talk to the examiner, who is your friend now, about the ideas for present below. Your examiner will comment on your choice:

  • large sized photo of friends

  • a piece of jewellery

  • a book

  • CD

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